Roadtrip Recap

OK so…*rubbing palms together* let’s get down to business.
THE INSTIGATOR: My long weekend absence from any internet connection has caused me to loose touch with all of you

THE MISSION: Fill me in on what you’ve been up to in the past four days…the summarized version.

THE OUTCOME: I’ll get caught up on everything and it’ll be like I never left…although, confusion is part of who I am so that will never be avoided.

Here’s my story:
I had lotsa fun and met a crap load of new people this weekend. I drove to San Francisco with Maxx, or rather I rode with Maxx to San Francisco. So not all that was planned actually happened.

Friday – On friday I DID go clubbing. It was pretty fun, stayed up ’till about 6 a.m. I some SG people… dave_h, jazmin, trillian, ava, coco, tuffy, 660, captin kungfu, olivia and s5.

We went to a bar called Jezebels on Friday night and drank half an old fashioned glass of Sake and it kicked my ass, meaning I was really red and getting “the shivers” (“the shivers”= I get really shaky and shivery and my teeth start chattering but I am NOT cold, in fact I’m so hot you could burn your eyes just looking at me, that sounded kinda conceited, that’s not what I meant).

RIGHT, so then we went to Fake and I shook some booty with Jazmin, Sara, Nicole, and Dave. Disco Stu was there too! ha ha.

Then I almost died several times whilst sitting nervously in Sara’s car while she tried to “drive” Dave, Jazmin and I to Sparky’s to get food. Of course I’m the only sober one in the vehicle but I don’t know my way around. Finally we made it to the diner and met up with Maxx and Steve and Olivia. went to sleep some time after the sun came up on Saturday…it was an interesting evening.

Saturday – Went to fisherman’s wharf and the pier area with Maxx and stalked “onefoolishline”. Then went to dinner with Dave and Nicole. I love curry now… or just the chicken tiki(?) masala that I got at New Delhi. I’m definitely adding Indian food to my list of things to do again. Later Dave, Jazmin, and I rented (in Dave’s singing voice) 24 Hour Party People but I fell asleep for the last 30 minutes or so….HEY! I’m sick and stuff, lay off.

Sunday – Met up with my friend Joanie from high school on Haight. Went to Amoeba and bought some vinyl (QOTSA “Go With the Flow” 12″ on clear vinyl, Pet Shop Boys’ “Love Comes Quickly” vinyl, and The English Beat’s “I Just Can’t Stop It.”) Also ate the best nachos in the world: Sweet Heat on Haight St near Cole, I think. Get the Nachos Sambrosa with steak, guacamole and sour cream. a half order is more than enough for one person. Went to Arrow and got burnt by a fucking cigarette…yes, people were smoking inside the bar, this is illegal in California but whatever. I wouldn’t mind as much if people weren’t packed in like sardines and I didn’t get burnt by some drunk girl.

Monday – went to a friend of a friend’s daughter’s birthday BBQ. It was fun. Watched her throw legos and rocks, but not her birthday cake. Ate TOO many hot dogs…even before the BBQ. Rode the ferry, played word association for almost a full hour, watched Biloxi Blues…

Home today….and that’s my story, the condensed version.

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