We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

I’m getting into one of my “I have a boring life and I need to do something exciting with it” moments again. I hate that…I never end up doing anything,

Earth is so huge and yet I feel like there is nowhere to go. Beyond the many continents, countries and cultures that this planet holds, there is nothing else for me here.

There is no secret passage to Narnia where I can find real magic. My Pegasus and unicorn are not waiting for me in a field of sunflowers. My mermaid friends are not waiting for me to go explore the depths and swim with whales. There is no flying carpet hovering outside my window for me. There is only reality….the bitterness and struggle of life in modern society and I have to live with it because I cannot change it.

I hope one day science and technology can force imagination into reality. Maybe then there will be hope for fairytale love. (no, I’m not lonely. It’s just another one of those imaginary things I wish existed)

We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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