Wish I Was Someone Else

I feel so translucent.

Translucent is the equivalent of stupid/meaningless/dense. I used to think really deep thoughts. I find it’s a lot easier to deal with life when your head is empty… but in order to be like that I need to trade in all meaningful conversation, intelligence and depth for trendy clothes and general air headed politeness.

That’s the only way to fit in with society, to dilute your personality and opinions. I like it because it makes things simpler but I hate it because it makes me look stupid. AND if I want money I need to grow some balls and become absolutely ruthless…not afraid to stab people in the back, kiss ass, and act superior…I hate this the most because it takes the most effort to act this way.

What am I supposed to do?

Somebody turn me into a mermaid.

side note: various fireworks started at around 8:20 pm….sirens started at 9:03 pm.

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