Site Update

I spent a few hours last night changing the look of this site (the blog really) while watching The Fog – which was actually sort of entertaining. I had no desire to see The Fog when I saw the trailer and posters but after watching for free in the comfort of my own living room I was able to not care so much that there really wasn’t much explanation for the killings that happened.

Anyhow, I changed a few parts of the site. The navigation bar at the top is even functional now, although there is still quite a lack of content to navigate to. Still working on some of the site though. Stay tuned.

Good Eatin’

Thanksgiving Dinner

On a recent trip to Santa Cruz for Labor Day weekend, my friends and I decided to have a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner (or Christmas if you prefer) because really, one day a year just isn’t enough.

We learned that during the “off season” turkeys at the store are generally half the size of those during the holiday season. This is partly due to the fact that the turkeys don’t include any dark meat – no wings, no drumsticks. 🙁 Despite the lack of dark meat (or as I like to call it “the flavor explosion”) we still made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and I was stuffed, almost to the point where I would have needed to induce vomiting to keep from exploding. I know! That indeed does sound delicious, doesn’t it?

I firmly believe that stuffing is something one should have as a kitchen staple, like popcorn or something. You sit down to watch some tv with a glass of water and a bowl/plate of stuffing. Yummmm YUM!

Moving on, I had quite an excellent time in Santa Cruz with Julie, Danielle & Co. They’ve asked me to refer to them by that title in the future so I am happy to oblige. I always have fun with them, well, ok probably not always but I don’t think I’ve encountered anything traumatizing enough to remember right now so that says enough.

We shopped, we ate, we watched awards shows. I think it was a very successful holiday for me.