I guess I never really noticed how much our family dog looked like a rat. I know a lot of people aren’t keen on chihuahuas because they do look rat like.

One of the downfalls of moving away from home is that I no longer get dog privileges. This means I don’t get to call her “my dog” because she never really was my dog. She belongs to my parents. One of the best things about her was that she was like a cat but better. It was like having a cat that was small and would sleep with you and keep your lap warm when you’re reading a book or watching television but without the attitude of a cat. She would ask for your attention but wouldn’t be obnoxious about it. Since moving out I don’t get to call her my dog. Of course, I could get my own dog but that would require me to purchase dog food and pay for medical bills, etc. Pets are expensive. One of the perks of living with my parents was getting to have a free dog. One that I didn’t have to really be responsible for out of duty but just for my own enjoyment.