Pick a theme, any theme

So now that I’ve finally got this domain up again. I’m faced with the dilemma of choosing an appropriate theme, or maybe just one that I like.

Thanks to WordPress I can just easily click and try on different themes. However, once I finally decide on a look I then have to figure out how to add all the features I want into the theme, which takes a little more thought and knowledge. I’ve only dabbled in webdesign so it’s not like I really know what I’m doing when I copy and paste lines of code. I’ve mostly learned some random things about HTML (who uses HTML anymore?) and color codes from sites like WebMonkey and from trying to pick apart code of sites that I like.

It really makes me want to just give up and go back to themes I already know how to modify. Or go to sleep.

Last 5 songs I bought on iTunes

So I got tagged by Sean Bonner to post the last 5 songs I bought on iTunes. I think this is supposed to be some kind of indication of what kind of music I like, and it works for the most part. However, I’ve been buying a lot of music in CD format lately so the results of this experiment are 1.) not really accurate and 2.) kind of embarrassing.

The last five tracks I bought from iTunes are from one album, the soundtrack to Spanglish. There is a song in the movie that has a great violin (possibly viola) solo and I really wanted it but you can only buy the entire album. So I did and it was well worth it.

If you want an actual sampling of what I buy on iTunes I can tell you the last 5 items. They would be

5. Spanglish soundtrack

4. a free sampler album from iTunes

3. episodes of Shear Genius (reality/competition t.v. show on Bravo)

2. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

1. Gwen Stefani – Sweet Escape

I know this won’t help much but to balance it out I have also bought episodes of This American Life as well as a full Mitch Hedberg CD.

Update: New Layout

Actually, it’s the same layout just new colors and background. I’ve been clicking around TreeHugger a lot lately and I found an article that talked about how much energy is wasted on computer screens. I learned about Black Google, which is just the search engine, Google, with a black background instead of white. I also learned about a way to make my own blog more energy efficient by switching to a color pallette that saves energy by requiring a lower wattage from your computer screen.

I’ve been playing around with different backgrounds, but I keep coming back to this black with gray stripes that I’m currently using. I made it after observing the BG image used on The Fabulist, which has a great design that I love. I made my own “simple, but not” BG which I’ve now used for my myspace and twitter pages. As it turns out it’s pretty energy efficient as well… at least I hope so.