What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?

As we all know, everyone makes mistakes, and I have made yet another one having to do with my WordPress blog. Just as well, I need to learn. What did I do exactly?


I’ve owned both mitziyoung.com and mitziyoung.net for awhile now. I think I’ve owned this domain longer but as to what to do with it I wasn’t quite sure. My Aunt bought this domain for me as a gift either for my birthday or for Christmas one year, or possibly just as a “thinking of you gift” (which she does quite often, and I love her for it). Anyway originally this domain was bought through GoDaddy.com and I had no idea what to do with it so really it was nothing more than a splash page that led to nowhere for a very long time.

Later I got setup with DreamHost (who I love) and bought mitziyoung.net because I wanted to set up a WordPress blog. DreamHost has a one click install function that made it incredibly easy to create a WordPress blog. So I had that for about a year and a half at mitziyoung.net/blog. Initially I had hoped to use the domain to host a portfolio (of work I have yet to do) and a resume and possibly a gallery, which is why I hosted the blog at that URL.

Finally my .com domain expired at GoDaddy and I was able to transfer registration over to DreamHost which was great and after about 6 months, it finally happened. Usually these things don’t take 6 months but there was this aggravating ordeal that happened with GoDaddy which has now led me to say I hate them and will never use them again, but their customer service phone reps are very nice.

So now I have mitziyoung.com and mitziyoung.net, which is cool I guess but I don’t want to maintain a blog at two seperate domains with the same information. So I tried to find a way to possibly merge the two blogs, or transfer all the content from .net to the .com domain. I also thought about just redirecting the .net site to .com and saving myself the trouble.

All these methods required some kind of knowledge of what the hell I was doing, and I have none such knowledge. So, it was kind of inevitable that somewhere down the line I would fuck things up, which is what I did. I tried to redirect mitziyoung.net to mitziyoung.com and since I had given the extension of /blog along with mitziyoung.net for the blog it would redirect to mitziyoung.comblog. YAY! So there is no CTRL+Z on the internets, and I then sort of lost mitziyoung.net/blog. I’m sure there’s a way to restore it, I just don’t know how. I do know that all the information for the blog is still sitting in the database but how I bring it back to life I am not sure.

I could try to figure it out but I’ve been doing that for the past hour and I don’t want to call Joss, possibly wake her up, and make her fix my mistake for me (again). So I’ll just deal with it. Now I have this domain, the blog is on it, I can redirect .net to the .com with no problems.

I’ve just lost a year or so of blog information, which is fine I suppose, since the real blog that has chronicled the last 4 years of my life is somewhere else on the internet entirely. Anyways, now I’ve learned what can’t be done through DreamHost and WordPress and hopefully I won’t make that mistake again.