Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew’s “Spirit If…”

broken social scene


Saw Broken Social Scene present Kevin Drew’s Spirit If… last night. Which really means I saw Broken Social Scene play last night. I would say half the set was Spirit If and half was BSS stuff. Even though only about half the members of BSS were present, with members of other bands filling in for some people, it was still fucking amazing. You think Broken Social Scene is good recorded? It’s nothing like when they played last night. Well I mean, it’s about 70% as good as last night. Holy hell, they sounded BEAUtiful. They had this ethereal quality to them throughout and then the BSS songs just fucking rocked. Not to mention the theater was spectacular.

the orpheum


Here are more pictures from the show.


I’m going to upload more when I get home. I also have some video of Emily Haines singing Anthems for a 17-year-old girl with them. Not sure if that will upload though because it’s about two or three minutes and the file is probably too big.

Anyway, it would have been great if I didn’t get a headache in the middle of it and then continue to shake my head around dancing. Kevin Drew’s singing piercing into my skull didn’t help the pain. It was well worth it though.