E Squared Series

The E2 is a new documentary series on PBS that explores changes that people are making “for a greener planet.” (I really hate that phrase, it sounds so cheesy and commercial, but that’s what they’re doing). The episodes will also be broadcast on the internet via the E2 website which is pretty cool for those who maybe don’t have a TV or can’t watch when it’s on. Each week a new episode will be made available on the website a week before they air it on PBS.

The first set of shows seem to be about alternative energies. It looks like they have about three “seasons” or series with episodes slated to go live weekly through the fall all the way into next year. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the design series of the shows that will be released from November to January.

I’m actually pretty impressed with how the website was built. The video player can be taken to full screen. I like the way the show is shot as well. Plus Morgan Freeman is narrating so how could it not be good? I definitely will be watching these shows each week as the new episodes are released. Quite looking forward to them too.

E2 website

hat tip: EcoGeek

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