I’m in San Francisco!

 sunrise on flight

I’m actually going to be in San Francisco for two separate trips this month. I’m here now as part of a surprise birthday thing for my friend Brian (or “bean” as everyone calls him). We all came up to S.F. from L.A. met up with some of out other S.F. based friends at the Zeitgeist last night to surprise him. He thought he was spending a quiet weekend in S.F. with his girlfriend… little did he know he’d have to put up with us for the night.

He was actually surprised, he had no clue. We were even more surprised that he really was surprised. We had figured someone would have let the cat out of the bag seeing as how many people knew and it was planned about a month and a half in advance.

So far on this trip I have bought way too many sweets, and have lots left over. I think I’ve changed my spending habits to focus more on food rather than clothing and accessories. This is due to the issue of producing¬† waste that I talked about in a previous entry. I know with food at least I’m not producing harmful waste – that is, not that I know of… it might be a by product of the food that is made for me.

One thing I love about this city is that even places that aren’t marketed as “environmentally friendly” eating establishments still are. What I mean is that on Friday I went to Bistro Burger for lunch, got a burger and fries to go and they use recycled paper boxes instead of Styrofoam. At Zeitgeist they were using the new bio-degradable cutlery that I’ve been reading about recently on TreeHugger and GLiving. These aren’t some hippie, health food joints yet everyone in this city is already so eco-aware that it’s just normal practice for them to take that extra step.

So anyway, I’m off to visit more friends, eat more food, and look for those damn organic jeans until I have to leave tomorrow morning.

SFO BART platform

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