Bad News, Good News

bad news: Cassia is moving out.

good news: Cassia and JG are moving into the apt on the other side of the building!

bad news: Jane might be moving out.

good news: Julie might be moving in!

bad news: I’m giving up my big bedroom with the private porch.

good news: I’ll be paying about $200 less in rent while still staying in the same apt!

bad news: I seem to be becoming more of a misanthrope everyday.

good news: It seems that most people I talk to about it feel sort of the same!

bad news: I’m missing certain people

good news: …

I’m not sure if there is any, I mean, Julie is coming back for the summer and while I’m really looking forward to hanging out with her again I know she’ll be gone soon. People seem to come and go from my life and while I do enjoy the time I spend with them I’m always sad when that time comes to an end.

Auntie Evelyn has told me about the whole “everyone serves a purpose” thing in life. There are some people who come and go from your life and others who are there for the long haul. Everyone serves a purpose, either you meet them at a certain point and time and they help you get through something. Perhaps they help you experience something new. In any case they are there, and then they are gone, and that is how it is supposed to be.

While I can certainly appreciate the effort to make sense of something that really can’t be explained but just happens (cause that is life) I kind of do not accept this. I don’t think I ever have, really. Might seem a little sad (or desperate?) but I think I’ve always tried to stay open to people who’ve wanted to stay in touch and it seems that I have a habit of giving people a second chance (or third, fourth, fifth, nth chance) because, well I guess there’s always the chance that they really did change.