Live from New York, it’s… Thursday Night!

Just checking in from Auntie Evelyn’s in New York. I just arrived this morning and so far I’ve done close to nothing. This is mainly due to an injury sustained earlier this morning when we went to get breakfast. I’m hoping my foot feels better by tomorrow, I don’t want to miss out on anything while I’m here.

I’m planning on checking out this telescope thing: Take a look around this store: And look for Terra Planas:

Also, I just wanted to touch on a few things that have been on my mind lately. Gas prices… are now averaging around $4.50 per gallon. There is alot of talk about food shortages, we haven’t felt it so much in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, etc. but areas all over the world are feeling it. The poorest are the ones who are suffering the most. The weather, the weather is definitely changing. The entire temperature of the Earth has increased and I don’t think anyone can really ignore that global warming is very real and has already started.

All these things freak me out. I don’t want to give up my way of life, as lame as it sounds. I know nobody does, nobody that has it nice anyway, but that’s what we are going to have to do if we don’t want to go out in a puff of smoke. It’s suddenly very real and right at our doorstep. It can no longer be ignored and I feel like every available resource that we have should be put to finding new ways to live and adapt in the new global environment we have created. We need to stop what is happening, reverse the effects if possible, and find the best ways to live with what we still have. I’ve decided to stop eating meatall together. One less meat eater = one less person demanding the resources needed to raise a cow, pig, or chicken. One less unneccessary cow, pig or chicken leaving a carbon footprint and a methane bubble. I need to start riding my bike more, not so much because I need to, I take the train everywhere (though I believe it still runs on fossil fuels as of right now), but to show my solidarity with bike commuters and encourage ridership. I’m getting all preachy and starting to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, these are just some ideas I needed to get out. Talk to you later.

Attack of the Teeth!

at union station

That’s me, from an interview I did with L.A. Times video journalist, Katy Newton. It’s part of a series she is doing where she talks to people who posted missed connections ads on CraigsList. Had I known I was doing my “genuine smile” i.e. the one where I’m all gums, I might have stopped that. Maybe.

Man, it’s hard seeing yourself on video because most of the time people have this image of themselves in their head that they’ve come to know and have worked on, more or less. How you see yourself is usually much different than how you really are, or how you appear to others.

Actually shooting the video was really fun despite the how freezing it was that night. The length of the video is a bit deceptive though, the filming of this started at Union Station at around 8 and just two train rides and two and a half hours later we were done!

Anyway, I think this post and the previous one here makes me seem either 1. really adventurous and outgoing or 2. super, duper-dee desperate!