TED Talks: The Environment

So I was just talking to Jamie about flying to San Francisco this weekend because she is taking Virgin America for the first time. I’m excited for her. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE flying VA? Cause I do.

Anyway I told her to make sure to check out TED talks for in flight entertainment because they almost always have at least one or two topics that interest me. I pulled up the TED website to show her what they were and I found a gold mine of great talks regarding the future of our environment.

Check them out if you have some time.

2 Replies to “TED Talks: The Environment”

  1. Oh the best part is I didn’t even look at that stuff. I read my book and listened to Chicago.

  2. How is that the “best part” ? You totally blew off my suggestion and now are gloating about it!

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