Trekkie Mother’s Day!

So since I saw Star Trek on Thursday night (unofficial opening) I’ve been watching episodes of season 1 on YouTube.

Which is nerdy sure, but also lots of fun watching Sulu run around the U.S.S. Enterprise shirtless and wielding sword.

I’m spending the weekend down South (meaning the Southern outskirts of Los Angeles county) with family. Tracy and I made a cake for grandma’s birthday.

It’s strawberry lemonade cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and garnished with slices of strawberries. It was probably the closest thing to having a fruity cake as I would allow.

For some reason my family loves the horrible tasting “fruit cakes” meaning they have a layer (or two) of fruit in the center and topped with fruit and that fake horrible tasting frosting, if you can call it that.

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