Want List

I’d like to take a photography class and learn how to develop my own film.

I’d like to make a demo reel. Just a demo reel of stuff I’ve filmed (which is so far nothing). I went to an Academy of Art student show and watched the cinematography students’ demo reels. I want to make one.

We Are Living in a Social Network World

… and I am a social networking girl.

So I’m watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and it’s possibly the first good movie I’ve seen in a long time. I’m really enjoying it, you know? And the first thing I think is something like “Man, I need to tell someone I’m watching this great movie!” Not word for word but like I said, something like that. Anyway, I feel this immediate need to share this with someone. Voila, the effects of too much social networking (namely, Twitter).

It makes me wonder what I used to do when I watched a good movie, or read a great book. Did I feel the need to find someone to talk to about it? Did I feel the need to share?