No Objections

objectified poster

While watching Objectified on Thursday night my mind started moving like gears of a clock. I took away lots of great ideas and revelations about design. I kept thinking “Okay, remember THIS for after the movie.” and “Make sure to put THAT into Evernote.”

I think it’s funny how I have to actively tell myself to make mental notes on things, I spent a lot of my childhood not being inquisitive because I would just accept things the way they are instead of asking millions of questions like other kids. This is probably why I failed so hard at making notes in margins of passages in scholastic tests and in core reading books. I was always like “Who cares? Move on with the story. All will be explained later… probably.” (Maybe it was an exercise in patience. No, that’s can’t be it, as an adult I have no patience whatsoever.)

Initially, I was asking questions like “What about design they going to cover in this film?” and “How are they going to cover everything about product design?” The latter question then spurred the thought that there should probably be a film made about every single object that’s ever been made! (If not “should” then at least probably “could”.)

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