Post: Comic Con!

Went to San Diego Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday for the 3rd year in a row now. Last year was my first time sitting in on a panel, which was for JG’s show. This year I actually went to a panel for a show that I had no affiliation with (aside from being a fan), Doctor Who! I’m currently on the third season of Doctor Who, I think they might be finishing their fourth season now.

Here is a short picture recap of my SDCC 2009 experience. I actually saw a lot less this year than last year, even though I spent the night in San Diego this time.

Waited in line for Doctor Who panel
Doctor Who queue

Got to hear David Tennant’s real accent
Doctor Who panel

Ran into a bending unit. did not kiss his shiny metal ass
Bender costume

Still didn’t buy this! (but I want to)
koibito at Munky King booth

But this is what I DID buy
Scott Pilgrim

my SDCC loot

and didn’t run into Nathan Fillion, unfortunately.

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