My New Bright Idea #1: Go To Ireland

Warning: brainless post.

So I was thinking about my dating patterns, as I do often, and I picked up on a pattern that I hadn’t really noticed before. I realized that a lot of the guys I seem to be attracted to are of Irish decent. I mean, they have other things in common aside from this, like the type of work they do and their hobbies. Also, I don’t like to believe that there is a “type” for me when it comes to appearances. Looking back though, I suppose the pattern has always been there but it’s never been as obvious as it has been recently, meaning, the past 3 or 4 years.

Well, I figure Ireland must be a pot of gold, so to speak, when it comes to men I find attractive. So… I’ll go to Ireland! Why not? I’ve never been there before. I like to travel. I apparently have a thing for Irish guys. Plus, I’ll have an “exotic” American accent working for me. (side note: there’s a particular scene in Love Actually that comes to mind when I say this)That should go over well, right?

Anyway, I looked up the Ireland tourism website today and it looks pretty boring. I mean, everything I can do there I could pretty much do here in California. So really I think if I did go, I would just want to hang out in pubs with Irish guys watching football and not understanding a word. I imagine I would still be in (if not some suburb right outside of) Swoontown.

This concludes the first installation of the My New Bright Idea segment of the blog. These ideas, they’re unpredictable and usually insane, so stay tuned for more.

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