Another Door Closes

It’s over now. I am sad (but also relieved). I am sad because he was something different than anyone/thing I have ever had before and there is a fear there that I will never get someone like him again. I realize this is a superficial and irrational thought, still it’s there and it’s an honest thought.

Silly fears, silly worries, silly things I can’t change. But what makes this time different than any other time I’ve had before? Nothing really. Everything works the same way, the details are different but the motions (as in the motions one would go through) are all the same. I’ll be fine and this will be just another memory to add to the barrel of ones that didn’t work out. And therefore rational thought tells me I shouldn’t let it bother me too much.

I didn’t want it to end but then does anyone ever want things to end? I suppose in special circumstances, yes, but generally when people meet someone they really like they wan to keep that person around for as long as possible.

No, I think now I am mainly sad because I lost something that had the potential to be low maintenance. Something very easy. Mild. Which was all I wanted for once. It seems hard to come by nowadays.

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