I went to my first Pilates class today, with those machines? That shit ain’t easy.

I can definitely tell that it would be a great workout if I could commit to it but guess what? Pilates classes are expensive.

I have 5 more mat classes to take (thanks to Groupon). I’ll let you know how that all works out.

Oh yeaahhh…

So I went camping and Laughlin in the past two weeks. Here are some pictures from those shenanigans:

The trees at Wheeler Gorge
Stephanie and I on her bike
on a break from the river hike
self timed

Dave and Steph are well seasoned campers and brought all the necessary equipment. In fact, all I brought was s sleeping bag and a tent, they provided everything else. Well I did bring food and a strawberry rhubarb pie for Darren who wimped out at the last minute. That guyyyy.

The following weekend (last weekend) was Sarah and Johnny’s bachelorette/bachelor weekend in Laughlin, NV. Girls and guys drove up separately and stayed in separate rooms (of course, how non scandalous!) Here is the photo evidence of that trip:

The view of the river from our river view room

Movies and Camping!

My busy schedule is why I haven’t been posting lately. If I appear to have an open schedule on Monday I keep ending up with it filled by Tuesday.

This weekend I helped Jewlie celebrate turning 24. We went to Oinkster with some friends (namely: Patrick, Allegra, Mike and Pierre), then back to Peter and Nate Miller’s in Eagle Rock for cocktails.

I also spent some time with my sister, saw Inception again (did I mention I’ve seen it before?) with mei and Christine.

Then gathered some camping gear since I am going camping with team bad decision this weekend. Later in the evening was dinner at Electric Karma with Brianna, Christine and Ashima and Jed, who were in town from San Francisco. Ashima also wanted to hit up The Edison so we went downtown and walked over only to find that The Edison is not open on Sundays. Cool.

I ended up going over to Patrick’s to spoil my brain with video games. I also ended up giving away $6 to people on the street last night. I probably won’t be doing that again. :/

So tonight I am booked to see Something Wicked This Way Comes with Jesse. Tomorrow evening is Gershwin and Bernstein night at The Hollywood Bowl. On Wednesday Brianna and I have tickets to see Newsies at the Arclight Pasadena. Friday night of course I will be heading up to Wheeler Gorge near Ojai for some good natured nature.

Which leaves only Thurday open for packing camping stuff. Which should be enough, I think.

Yeah, so… busy.