It’s Halloween weekend again! Yey!

This year's pumpkin theme is Star Trek

So this year I am once again going to Dave and Christie’s annual Halloween soiree. Patrick is coming with. That is tonight (Friday night) and tomorrow we are going to a little underground show called Sneaky Nietzsche. I’m actually not quite sure what happens at the show, but I suppose that is the appeal. It has something to do with live music and dance and painted faces.

And on Sunday I am staying at P’s to avoid any kind of interruption by children. Children with grabby hands expecting things.

Last weekend Jamie and I went to Lake Tahoe. It was the first time I had been and unfortunately it rained the whole time. Usually I enjoy staying in bed on rainy days and just watching movies but I was getting pretty restless during this trip. It was probably because I have never been to Tahoe before and wanted to explore. The weather wasn’t really permitting any exploring though. Jamie and I did get massages that weekend and I did get to use the sauna. W000t. I also got a pair of moccasins so I guess the trip wasn’t SO bad. We both agreed to return when the weather is nicer.

Jamie bought a new beanie in Tahoe