Two birds with one stone: Book 1 & 1/365

To start off two of my resolutions that I’ve made, I’m going to talk about books and consider this my first post of the 365 project.

I’ve actually been reading two books simultaneously in December. They are William Gibson’s Zero History (part three of the Bigend books) and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I’ve been really enjoying Zero History, as I knew I would since the main character is one from a previous Gibson book that I love and it’s from an author I really like. In Defense of Food has actually been a lot tougher to get through. I had just finished Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma last month and I really enjoyed it so I thought I’d stick with someone I was already familiar with but I think the subject matter is the problem here. Just not as interested in nutrition as I am in cooking and eating, I guess. Since I don’t want to stop reading Zero History and I want it to count for one of my 2011 books I will start rereading as my first book of the year!

By the way, happy new year! 2010 ended suckily as I did not make it to Cat and Fiddle for English New Year with my friends due to an emergency car repair that needed to be performed. I got in my car to head over to Patrick’s to bring him some soup then intended to get over to Cat and Fiddle for English New Year but about a block from my place my car suddenly lost power and started revving low when stopped and having a hard time switching gears. The engine was also smoking a lot. It was pretty nerve wracking.

I got to Radi’s at about 4 pm and they found out it was a FUBARed spark plug. I have to go back next week. Great. So I missed English New Year and haven’t seen my friends for about 3 weeks or something, I have car repairs that need to be made and the boy is sick so we didn’t go to Kate and Andrew’s PJ party. I did enjoy spending much needed time with Patrick, watching 30 Rock and eating chicken noodle soup and drinking tea, but it would have been nice to see me friends tonight.

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