Journey (Not The Band)

The other night I finally finished playing Journey. It’s fantastic. It’s an emotion evoking adventure, I’m calling it that instead of a game because its so different from video games that I’ve played.

I’ve always had a hard time relating to the game characters. I’ve never looked at Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and thought “that is me.” I’ve never felt like that person or thing on the screen is me, right there, I’m getting through this level, I’m getting through this castle. That’s me throwing the barrels, this is weird.

It was different in Journey and I’m not exactly sure why. I felt like I was the on learning this new world, I was learning how to jump and fly and slide. It was me figuring things out.

The part that made it so good for me though is what happened this last time. I got to a point in the game where I ran into another player, I had heard that there were other players that could play through your game. Most of the time when something like that happened, I would let them play through and not interact. I don’t like playing with strangers because I don’t know what I am doing.

This time I interacted a bit, we learned from each other and I started thinking this other player must be an NPC because he or she was incredibly patient and waited for me. I played through to the end of the game and only after I had finished and was talking to people about it did I know that it was actually another person, a stranger, out there playing with me. I was just really touched at the fact that the other person stayed with me through the rest of the game, even though I didn’t catch on as quickly or was a little slow. That’s what made it so good for me.

Greetings from Hawaii

Getting back into the swing of things! (posting I mean) I’m in Hawaii and I’m on vacation (also accomplishing the “travel overseas” and the “kayak in Hawaii” items on my 30 for 30 list). I made some observations while here on Oahu:

  • Waikiki is full of young Japanese families. This means lots of new parents with cute, fat little babies everywhere.
  • Those Japanese families like to shop, and not just shopping at say… Target or Banana Republic but like, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Armani shopping.
  • Marketing for shooting ranges in Waikiki is like “escort” advertising in Vegas. Why are there so many shooting ranges in the tourist area?
  • Japanese restaurants are in abundance (duh)
  • Coconut syrup is greatness. I might get some from just to show everyone in LA how good it is.
Waikiki Beach from Diamond Head Summit

Marketing Makes Me Worry About Everything

I got this email from Sephora today that tells me I am thisclose to having enough points in my “Beauty Bank” loyalty program, to get a free kit of preventative measures. This lead me to start thinking about things like, “At what age should a lady start considering anti-aging beauty products? I mean, I’ve just finally got a handle on this whole blemish thing, now I have to get a whole new set of products?”

As I get older and pass that 30 year mark, it occurs to me that my “youth” is probably coming to an end and regardless of how young I feel on the inside, and how mentally immature I am (heh heh, farts), those wrinkles are coming and I should probably do something now, like drinking ten gallons of water a day and smearing blubber all over those “problem areas” that I can’t even find yet!

I remember working the opening shift at Jamba Juice and encountering this woman who, judging by the color of her hair and the wrinkles of her face must have been in her sixties. She was there at 6:30 am, after a run or jog because she was wearing workout clothes. She was in amazing shape, despite the wrinkles, her skin looked great. How can I ensure that the same will happen to me?

I think the short answer here is just to eat right and work out every day, but seriously who has time for that?!