New goal: Wanderlist 2016

2015 was spent being pretty jealous of seeing other people’s travel photos so I’m setting a new goal for myself to visit at least 5 new cities next year.

Not to say that I didn’t travel anywhere myself this year. I was frozen in New York at the beginning of this year, then got tattooed in New Orleans in the spring with my girls, went on a road trip to San Francisco for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and had a mini vacay in Portland too, but these are all cities I’ve been to before.

So far I don’t have a wanderlist for next year but I have a friend in Boston who has room for me. I’ve never been there before and it’s definitely somewhere I’ve wanted to visit though I’ve heard mixed things. I’m sure I’ll have fun though, I usually love new cities.

I’ve never been to our nation’s capital. It might be nice to go during the last year of Obama’s p/residency.  I think Sarah’s on the lookout for international travel for us which is probably the most exciting prospect. A friend suggested Stockholm to me which sounds great, I love the Swedes! Patrick might be traveling more in the new year, maybe Europe, or China, or SUNNYVALE so that could also bring opportunities for me to tag along.

Where else should I go?

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