What happens when a dreamer is born to parents who aren’t dreamers? When there’s no support for doing what dreamers do, what happens to that person? I can think of a few possible outcomes. One being that the dreamer continues to dream, despite a non-supportive parental unit, and eventually draws in other dreamers who are teachers, coaches, friends, other family members who support their dreams. 

Another way it could go is that the dreamer perseveres, alone. Letting the dreams come forward but suffering through life.

Or the pragmatists win and the dreams are suppressed, putting the resources toward achieving other goals. The dreamer is then afraid of dreaming, afraid to do what they want for fear of failure. That idea of failure that pragmatists have instilled in the hearts and minds of born dreamers who are now unable to feel right as a dreamer but are not actually pragmatists either. They like they are good at nothing.

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