About Me

Early 21st century me.

Young. Dangerous. Mitzical. A triple threat.

LA > SF > LA again. The experience of living in San Francisco, although brief, was more enlightening and educational for my soul than working a degree from a more prestigious school would have been, or perhaps just a different kind of educational. In any case, going away ended up being the best decision of my life because it started me on my road to self discovery.

I now reside in Los Angeles (proper) and work in advertising. I love food. I love great design. I love this planet. Getting to see more of other parts of this world is important to me, as is the welfare of the planet itself, which is why I try to live in a way that will have the lowest impact on the environment. Every day I strive for happiness (doesn’t everyone?) and creativity.

Still not entirely sure what else I’m “about”, but I think the point of life is figuring that out, right? Or else I am about too much to be summarized here. Well, this is my  attempt at recording thoughtful insights about my journey, and maybe some less thoughtful YouTube videos.

Other places on the internet where you can find me:

If you want to get in touch with me you can send an email to: mitzi at alchemitz dot com.