Adopting a dog, and my views on owning pets

Recently I’ve been thinking about adopting a dog and I’ll admit it would mostly be for its aesthetic value.

I’m only sort of kidding.

I imagine myself sitting on the couch (and by that I mean futon) with the weekend edition of the newspaper (I don’t read actual newspapers) with a beautiful dog lazing about on my lap or near me on the couch (for this scene let’s use a Schanuzer, male, preferably). Maybe when I come home from work it trots up to me and I greet it with a treat from the bowl of treats on the mail table (in this scene let’s say the dog is a Boston Terrier).

While all this seems appealing to me I have this weird “thing” about owning a pet. Well that’s just it, you’re “owning” it. It’s like you’re saying “Hey, so I’m going to own you now. You can do whatever you want, I’ll feed you, you don’t have to work for anything. All I want is your freedom, you belong to me. ”

Plus, if you’re responsible, they’re expensive. You know how for some people (people like myself) going to the doctor seems unnecessary? Well, unless you’re holding your left arm in your right hand and it’s not longer attached to your body in any other way or something like that. Well with pets, you don’t get to decide that they don’t want to see the doctor. You have to take them. Its like having kids. Ugh, kids.

Maybe a boyfriend would cost less.

“For all you know, I could be fashion… monger.”

It’s time to clean my room again. This means mostly cleaning my wardrobe. I think I have pieces in my closet that I’ve had since high school, possibly middle school. No, that can’t be right. There’s no way that anything I wore in middle school fits into my current aesthetic.

Anyway, everytime this seasonal cleaning day comes around I always realize that I have a lot of clothes, A LOT. The worst part is that I can never bear to part with any of them. I always think “Oh I can still wear this when I’m feeling ___.” I’m usually trying to recreate a look that is actually outdated but since it works with other things in my wardrobe, I think it works period. For someone who has a lot of clothes, I’m really bad at putting outfits together, unless it’s a costume.

Have you ever seen Clueless? Do you remember in the beginning of the movie when Cher is trying to get dressed? She is at her computer and there is a program that looks like a paper doll of her and every piece of clothing in her closet is catalogued in a database so she can sort of mix and match to show what she would look like wearing these pieces. I need this program. It would save me so much time in the mornings. Maybe it could even tell me if one of my pieces doesn’t go with anything and I could just sell it or give it away.

So today is the day that I go through that pile of clothing next to my bed, sort through my hamper, shuffle through my closet and take out anything I don’t wear anymore or anything that isn’t seasonally appropriate and swap it out with the winter stuff I have in boxes. Oh boy.

High Flyin Part 2: Electric Trapeze Boogaloo

So I have video that I’ve been reluctant to post of my trapeze experience with Nicole a few months back. But for the sake of posterity (or something like that) I shall share it with you.

note: the part where I get stuck hanging at the end was not intentional. I had tried to do this knee hang trick three times already (you can only try it once every time you jump off) and this is the time I finally got my legs over the bar. I was so excited that I spaced out and tried to continue the movement instead of going back the way I came which is why I got stuck in that awkward position. Otherwise you would have seen me let go and do a wicked flip. *sigh*

also: Man, I am so loud. Did you hear me say “Okay.” at the end? I was as loud as the instructor and I wasn’t even yelling like she was!

New: Google Reader Shared Items Widget

Try to say that five times fast.

Anyway I’ve been pretty obsessed with Google Reader for awhile. It’s the best thing to do when you’re at work and need a break. You can just click on Google Reader and be informed on everything that is happening in the world at the moment in one easy place. Or just what is happening on the blogs of your friends. Or in the world of celeb blogs. Whatever.

So I discovered this widget Google created which shares your shared items with people who may not use Google Reader or aren’t included on your shared list. As you can I’ve added it to the sidebar. Down there… yeah, scroll down. There it is!

I had some trouble deciding on a color scheme though. I would prefer black but their black option offered orange text which just gave it this weird halloween themed look. I also liked gray (or grey if you’re fancy) but the light gray text was on a white background and I think might produce some problems, depending on your screen contrast, resolution, etc. So I went with something else, which I can’t remember now. 

Here are the options I was considering, none of which really fit the current color scheme of the site. Any thoughts?


choose one!
choose one!