Turning 30 (aw, sh…)

I will be 30 next month. I am trying not to think about it.

Well, I’m trying not to think of it in the “Shit, I am going to be 30… why, god?! WHY?!” kind of way and instead the “How can I turn this into a reason to do ridiculous things that, under other circumstances, I would probably not do this year?” kind of way. After all, 30 is the new 20 (by the way, this statement does not sell me on 30).

At some point in my 20s I realized my 30th birthday would be on 01-30-13. Exciting, right?! So I wanted to do something special because this is never going to happen again. “I will have 30 days from the beginning of the year until the 30th birthday to do 30 things to celebrate the occasion!” I started making a list, I started mentally budgeting and decided that I should probably put away about $10k for all the things I want to do (one of the celebrations included renting a venue for a masquerade party).

On my current budget, I can afford a masquerade party at a public library. Seriously, I thought this would work.

Anyway, it’s the month before my birthday. I didn’t save up money. I didn’t book my trip to swim with beluga whales at either the Georgia Aquarim or Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. I don’t even know what I am doing on my actual birthday.

I kind of came to the conclusion that I failed at this “project” until Patrick suggested that I accomplish my task list throughout the year. Oh, right… brilliant! So I’m going to go ahead and share my list of things to accomplish next year. Hopefully, sharing this list will make me feel committed to this project and will carry it out throughout the year. This strategy worked well last year.

Problem is, I don’t think I even have 30 good “celebrations” yet.

1. Swim with a Beluga (or some kind of up close and personal experience)
2. Steampunk Party!
3. Get a scooter
4. Host a masquerade party
5. Learn how to sail
6. Disneyland!
7. Do laughing yoga
8. Learn how to drive manual
9. Indoor skydiving
10. Visit http://www.skyzonesports.com/ (caution: this site has auto play sound)
11. Have a Thanksgiving feast (not on Thanksgiving)
12. Kayak in Hawaii
13. Dim Sum Party!
14. Travel overseas (Hong Kong? Europe? Bali?)
15. Make and eat a pizza (being really ambitious here)
16. Get a goldfish!
17. Host a private screening of a movie in a theater (http://www.dickclarkproductionstheater.com/)
18. Screen an old movie (with a projector preferrably) and wear clothes from that era
19. Ride a train to a destination outside of L.A.
20. Visit a museum
21. Go on The Price is Right (kind of dreading this, actually)
22. Make a movie
23. Have a big Chinese family dinner gathering at parents’ house
24. Do a factory tour (of anything: donuts, tortillas, furniture, cars)
25. go to a farm or petting zoo (with goats and llamas or alpacas)
26. Celebrate at a barcade (Dave and Buster’s or other arcade/drinking/dining environment)
27. Learn CSS
28. Visit New Orleans
29. New tattoo in a new city
30. Go to Graceland

That was the year I knew the panic was over…

Listening to: Ellie Goulding

I’m finding myself missing my miserable college years because I’m slowly realizing that was when I felt the most free and most hopeful I had ever/have ever felt in my life.

Now, I’ll go ahead and explain that last statement. I spent two years in San Francisco going to college and being out on my own (read: away from overly protective parents). I thought “Hell yeah, I’m going to get wild and cray-zee!” However, at some point in those two years I went through one of those life changing events that leads to epiphanies and soul searching, that kind of shit. I (slowly and painfully) broke up with my first serious boyfriend. For reals break up, guys, instead of being “on a break” (which is only really a thing for those in denial) I ended up breaking ties for good at some point in those two years.

It was painful (as young, emo break ups usually are) but it was also a great time in my life for feeling so low that “up” was the only direction in which I could head. I was around one of the most supportive group of friends that one could ask for. All my new college friends were all so positive and supportive in an introspective and enlightening way which was what I needed. You know, as opposed to the “get over it by going out and partying your worries away” kind of way. I don’t know why I thought I would be a partier in college, I never was one of those people in high school or elementary school. Sad emo kid was my forté, I should have known that old habits are hard to break.

Also, I don’t know if you’re aware but being a full time college student means you are taking 15 hours worth of classes per week. Compare this to a 40 hour work week. That’s 25+ hours to mess around and do NOTHING. What that? Studying? Oh yeah, so let’s dedicate an additional 5-7 hours a week to “working”. (Can you just imagine what my GPA was? I really don’t remember but I do have a Bachelor’s Degree now so couldn’t have been that bad.)

Patrick Starfish’s To Do List

Anyway, I had a lot of time to be alone with my thoughts, because my friends were all working or studying. My thoughts led me to a lot of clichés like:”The world is your oyster” (So slurp it? Throw some lemon juice on it?) and “Nowhere to go but up.” I spent a lot of time wandering around San Francisco thinking deep thoughts about my life, what I did wrong, what could have been so right, etc. Looking back on it now, it was fun, it was a good time, and I think I’d rather be there than where I am now: working until 9:30 pm at a job that I don’t love. I wish I had that amount of time to think and be alone with my thoughts instead of thinking up to-do lists and reminders about things that need to get done but not having enough time to do them and eat/sleep/live.

Downside of Non-Alcoholim #27


Whenever I have a conversation with a drunkened co-worker at a work celebration event, it almost always leads to embarrassing situations for me. I tend to forget that people who have been drinking are usually little more friendly and outgoing than they usually are.
It means the next time I see them I act a little too friendly upon first encounter and it slips my mind that they may not actually remember that we talked for an hour last Friday. Then, for the rest of the minute that my food is heating in the microwave, I have to pretend like everything is totally cool and I always ask people if they got that thing checked out by a doctor.

Too Many Strings

So there is a theory, not sure whose theory, that a person can only be active in up to three online communities at a time.

The same is probably true for blogs.

I have two main blogs that I use, one here and one at mitziyoung.com. The other is for the off chance that I should some day need a “professional” blog. The idea being the posts on the other site be more thoughtful and insightful than say, the video I posted earlier of “God Gave Rock And Roll To You”. So far though, the content is basically the same there as it is here. Although I actually posted more about Lost there than here.

I also have a Twitter account that I update daily and a Tumblr that I update more frequently than the blogs and less frequently than the Twitter. The obvious reason for this being the length of content and ease of posting. Twitter is fast and easy. Tumbler is just as easy, less fast. Blogging is the kind that likes to play hard to get.

Anyway, all of this you probably knew before (not about the accounts but about the ease of posting, etc.) I’m thinking the best way to do things now is to post here daily – or at least attempt to. I think I tried several 365 projects and they’ve all failed. Well, in the sense that I failed them. Really the easiest 365 project for me is Twitter.

Anything worth cross posting to the professional site will get reposted but this will be my daily journal, my dear diary – with discretion seeing as how this space is still pretty public. There is always the password lock entry feature, but what fun is that? Secrets aren’t fun unless more than one person knows it.

So there we go. Most days I won’t be able to think of anything to write, so maybe I’ll just post some links or pictures from today’s internet fodder.