What happens when a dreamer is born to parents who aren’t dreamers? When there’s no support for doing what dreamers do, what happens to that person? I can think of a few possible outcomes. One being that the dreamer continues to dream, despite a non-supportive parental unit, and eventually draws in other dreamers who are teachers, coaches, friends, other family members who support their dreams. 

Another way it could go is that the dreamer perseveres, alone. Letting the dreams come forward but suffering through life.

Or the pragmatists win and the dreams are suppressed, putting the resources toward achieving other goals. The dreamer is then afraid of dreaming, afraid to do what they want for fear of failure. That idea of failure that pragmatists have instilled in the hearts and minds of born dreamers who are now unable to feel right as a dreamer but are not actually pragmatists either. They like they are good at nothing.


So one year ago I heard about the Hyperloop through an article on Inhabitat

I guess Jan 3rd will be my annual progress report on the Hyperloop’s construction:


More of some things, less of others

I will post more blogs. Let’s say about once a week.

I will read more books, at least 12, I think.

I will travel more, and visit at least five new cities this year!

I will work out more. Five times a week ought to do it.

I will eat less food.

I will buy less clothes, shoes, purses. Limiting myself to one a month is probably adequate.

Long Way To Go And A Short Time To Get There

At some point in growing up, flying has become less fun and become more and more unnatural feeling. Not only are you packed in to a big machine but you’re kind of forced to stay inside your little imaginary cube of space. Eat this space food at this time like everyone else. (Eat your soylent green, dear.) Pretend to be comfortable with this for 8 hours please.

At some point they need to work on a shrink ray or some time suspension if they don’t figure out teleportation sooner.

I arrived in London yesterday as scheduled but in the middle of my flight across the US one of the English flight attendants (I thought to my self “How quaint, they all have accents.” but of course they all have accents, it’s British Airways!) informed me that my connecting flight to Mumbai that night had been canceled. I couldn’t really do anything but laugh. It was pretty amusing. Of course something would go wrong.

Anyway, BA was pretty grand about it and put us up in an airport hotel for the night, which meant I got to go into London for a bit last night.

More on this later, flight is boarding!

Running on 4 hours of interval naps (kept waking up each hour afraid of being woken up by the hotel alarm clock which was stationed on the other side of the room). Now dirty chai at LHR, making my Mumbai Wishlist:
1. Elephanta Island – monkeys live here!
2. Prince of Wales Museum – they have old stuff!
3. And maybe some places from this old Design Sponge city guide: http://www.designsponge.com/2010/09/mumbai-city-guide.html

But I think we only have one day in Mumbai now (thanks to the flight cancellation) so we’ll have to see what Patrick has already planned.

Moving to the West Side

I broke up with my building today. We’ve been together for about 3 years now and I’ve been pretty happy. We’ve had our occasional fights and annoyances but generally, I’ve been pretty happy.

Lately it just hasn’t been working out. We haven’t been spending much time together because I’ve been working so much. It’s really just time to move on.

So I found a house and I’m moving to Culver City with Ashima and Juno.