New goal: Wanderlist 2016

2015 was spent being pretty jealous of seeing other people’s travel photos so I’m setting a new goal for myself to visit at least 5 new cities next year.

Not to say that I didn’t travel anywhere myself this year. I was frozen in New York at the beginning of this year, then got tattooed in New Orleans in the spring with my girls, went on a road trip to San Francisco for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and had a mini vacay in Portland too, but these are all cities I’ve been to before.

So far I don’t have a wanderlist for next year but I have a friend in Boston who has room for me. I’ve never been there before and it’s definitely somewhere I’ve wanted to visit though I’ve heard mixed things. I’m sure I’ll have fun though, I usually love new cities.

I’ve never been to our nation’s capital. It might be nice to go during the last year of Obama’s p/residency.  I think Sarah’s on the lookout for international travel for us which is probably the most exciting prospect. A friend suggested Stockholm to me which sounds great, I love the Swedes! Patrick might be traveling more in the new year, maybe Europe, or China, or SUNNYVALE so that could also bring opportunities for me to tag along.

Where else should I go?

Just do it!

Every time I think “I should write in my blog,” I take a long time to do so and get distracted and I never end up writing in it. I also thought a year would be a good time to write a new post. “Won’t that be funny?” I thought, “A whole year later and I’ll post about never posting.”

Well, I missed that day, and a few days afterward. So now we’re at that point where I HAVE to post somthing. Here’s some motivation for you, from Shia LeBeouf, round robin style:

AdTalk: Jaguar F Type

I just stumbled across this Jaguar British Villains campaign and I really like it. There’s nothing innovative about it necessarily, but I think it’s a great angle (sexy, evil British vibe) and well executed. They’re really selling the appeal of a Jaguar lifestyle and look.

Watch the 3 min directors cut here:


and then another one with just Tom Hiddleston:

Tear Jerking Ads Round Up

It’s that time again. That’s right, it’s time for a new blog of things I want to share with you. This time, it’s ads.

I work at an ad agency now, not doing something fun like creative, but doing something very mechanical, like ops. But still, I like it because it means now I’m really, for real, working in the “ad industry”. This means I can sit around watching ads all day (no, I really can’t, but I am encouraged to do it occasionally), which is what I did this afternoon.

Now, I present to you, some long form commercials that made me cry at work:

Yeah, that one was fun and sweet. But maybe you didn’t cry. Will you cry at this?

Oh, are your eyes still dry? How about trying this one on for size:


You’re welcome, and sorry about that.

Linkdrop: 10 Years Of Burning Man Temples (via Huffington Post)

I was on HuffPo reading something and this photo article about Temples built at Burning Man totally caught my eye. I would love to see these things  in person and see/meet the people who made them.

Burning Man Temple 2009, Reprocessed 2012 by Michael Holden on 500px

Burning Man Temple 2009, Reprocessed 2012 by Michael Holden on 500px

There’s a part of me that’s afraid I would like Burning Man so much I would have to go every year until I die, which is why I still haven’t gone. There’s another part of me that is afraid I would hate it and the be stuck out there for five more days.


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