AdTalk: Jaguar F Type

I just stumbled across this Jaguar British Villains campaign and I really like it. There’s nothing innovative about it necessarily, but I think it’s a great angle (sexy, evil British vibe) and well executed. They’re really selling the appeal of a Jaguar lifestyle and look.

Watch the 3 min directors cut here:


and then another one with just Tom Hiddleston:

Tear Jerking Ads Round Up

It’s that time again. That’s right, it’s time for a new blog of things I want to share with you. This time, it’s ads.

I work at an ad agency now, not doing something fun like creative, but doing something very mechanical, like ops. But still, I like it because it means now I’m really, for real, working in the “ad industry”. This means I can sit around watching ads all day (no, I really can’t, but I am encouraged to do it occasionally), which is what I did this afternoon.

Now, I present to you, some long form commercials that made me cry at work:

Yeah, that one was fun and sweet. But maybe you didn’t cry. Will you cry at this?

Oh, are your eyes still dry? How about trying this one on for size:


You’re welcome, and sorry about that.

Linkdrop: 10 Years Of Burning Man Temples (via Huffington Post)

I was on HuffPo reading something and this photo article about Temples built at Burning Man totally caught my eye. I would love to see these things  in person and see/meet the people who made them.

Burning Man Temple 2009, Reprocessed 2012 by Michael Holden on 500px
Burning Man Temple 2009, Reprocessed 2012 by Michael Holden on 500px

There’s a part of me that’s afraid I would like Burning Man so much I would have to go every year until I die, which is why I still haven’t gone. There’s another part of me that is afraid I would hate it and the be stuck out there for five more days.


Rewatching Robin Hood (1973)

My friends Maxx and Piper got married this weekend and hired a lovely band to play songs during the ceremony and the reception. The first song they played was from Robin Hood, here’s a bit of it.

Now, a few days later, I can’t stop thinking about Robin Hood so I ended up watching it tonight. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, not sure exactly why. Maybe it was because I was in love with the idea of someone doing something good like giving to the poor (I ignored the fact that he was stealing from the rich, which, as an adult, I am very torn about.) or maybe it was the music.

Sir Hiss Air Balloon
Sir Hiss

But now, I give you, my top 10 lines from Robin Hood:

    1. “Oh, poppycock! Female bandits, what next? Rubbish!” Ah, sexism. Always funny.
    2. “I’ve got a dirty thumb,” will never get old.
    3. “Are you ready, Lady Kluck?” “Oh, as your lady in waiting, I’m waiting!” Klucky is the best.
    4. When Little John dresses like a dandy at the archery tourney and says “I am Sir Reginald, Duke of Chutney.”
    5. “Move it Creepy, get lost! Be gone Long One.” As an adult, I find this hilarious but as a kid I was like “That’s mean!”
    6. “Please, I don’t drink.” says Sir Hiss as he is encased in a barrel of wine during the archery tournament.
    7. “Release the royal fingers.”
    8. “Not so hard, you mean thing!” This was the rudest insult they could get away with in a kids movie.
    9. The whole phony King of England song.
    10. “Lucky for us, King Richard returned and well, he just straightened everything out.” How convenient, Disney.

Also, this movie is very confusing because a lot of the characters have American accents, even regional American accents but the movie (and the story of Robin Hood) is obviously set in England. There are even pound signs instead of dollar signs on Robin’s wanted posters.

racist and sexist
Robin being both racist and sexist.

Sick Days Double As Vacation Days

It seems that every time I get to leave work to go on vacation my immune system also takes a vacation. This isn’t cool. This leads to wasting valuable de-stress time stressing about not having a good vacation, and usually about creating a crappy vacation experience for Patrick.

When we went to Hawaii last spring, I got sick on the shuttle to the airport. This time I got sick on the 15 hour plane ride to Hong Kong. Luckily I didn’t kill anyone on the flight – which seemed inhumanely long, BTW. I also got a bit sick while I was in New Orleans last fall.

Maybe it’s travel that does it to me. This is a terrible condition.