Hope Manifested

I was just over at NotCot looking at the photos of the Manifest Hope : DC show.

Reading that post and seeing all this art influenced by Barack Obama was a little surreal. Or at least I imagine it would be to him. The art is all pretty amazing and seeing all of it together is inspiring, no doubt:

from Time Magazine online

photos by crazywanda on flickr ,unless otherwise noted

There was art putting him next to Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, MLK and
President Lincoln and but he hasn’t done anything exceptionally great yet besides get elected president. I’m sure that required a lot of work but still if he just stopped now, it wouldn’t be anything worth putting in the books.

Maybe I’m missing something? Maybe it’s because he represents something different from what we’ve had all these years. You know, change. So maybe this movement is just using him/this as a posterboy for changes that we the people have made and/or are going to make. Why is this different? It seems just the same to me. Is it because we are so, so sick of Bush that Barack Obama is mind blowingly great? Is it because America has just elected our first half African American president and this shows that we are changing? (even though it’s like we’re saying “hey look, race is not an issue… LOOK! I SAID LOOK AT IT! WE DON’T CARE ABOUT RACE!” /will ferrell voice)

I expect great things from President-elect Obama, I think he will need to achieve great things if he wants to get re-elected. I just want to wait and see if he’s really as great as everyone else thinks he is. I admit I didn’t vote for him but I do think he’s a good candidate. I’m glad he’s giving everyone so much hope for the future of the country and hope for a lot of changes for the better. Maybe he will deserve to have a national monument named after him when he’s done in office, but he hasn’t done anything just yet, except maybe make an amazing branding case study.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Today is the last voting day, official voting day of the 2008 Presidential Election. At the head of the race are Senator John McCain for the Republicans, and (everyone’s favorite) Senator Barack Obama running on the Democratic party ticket. There’s sort of a lot riding on this and I think when it really comes down to it, Obama stands more of change than McCain does. Not to mention that McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, is absolutely unqualified to be next in line to lead this country. I’d be dead afraid if she was in charge. I don’t know why people voting for McCain don’t see that.

Anyway, I didn’t vote for Barack Obama, but I’m hoping he wins. I’d love for Cynthia McKinney to win, but I already know that won’t happen. I guess just as long as John McCain doesn’t win, I’m fine. As of right now though, it’s looking like this:

Electoral Map as of 4:17pm PST, Obama - 3, McCain - 8
Electoral Map as of 4:17pm PST, Obama - 3, McCain - 8

“America, We Can Not Turn Back.”

I’m watching Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention from last night. He’s a very good speaker and I do like him, but at the same time I always wonder how much of what he’s saying is actually what he is going to do. I’m always skeptical and untrusting of politicians, no matter how well liked they are.

I feel like he’s saying everything we want to hear but isn’t that the point? I mean isn’t that what he has to do to get elected? I don’t think I’ll be able to say whether or not he’d make a good president until after we’ve seen what he does. Of course, by that time it would be too late to turn back.

I guess I’m a cynic.