Adventures in Nerd Dating: A Practical Guide

Add this to the list of great ideas and Jewlie and I have.

Last night we went to Crazy 4 Cult, which is an annual group art show created by Kevin Smith. The theme of the show is cult movies and culture and with the content being what it is, throw in a comic book store right next door, the crowd is usually of the geeky variety, which is good for Jewlie and me.

A Clockwork Orange

So Jewlie and I were talking about being each others’ wingmen, or wingpersons if you will. Except that we then realized we had no idea what a wingman actually does. We tried to look it up but the Wikipedia entry needs some work. (Update: The actual Wiki entry for a flight wingman is much more informative.)

Then a genius idea, we should write a book, no a blog, a nerd’s guide to dating. What is a wingman? What are appropriate topics for first date conversation? What happens when nerds date nerds and what happens when nerds date non-nerdy types?

Of course, just like any other idea I have, I thought, wait has this been done before? Probably, Wasn’t it called Sex and the City?


Uh, well, not quite the same but that’s the general idea. Seeing as how we didn’t know what the “right” answers to all those questions were I figured we’d just blog about our experiences, but then you have to wonder, “Who is going to read that?” We’d have to be entertaining ALL the time. That is really tiring. Sometimes Jewlie and I just like to take a break, sit around, and be desperately boring, bland and humorless. So, you know, we just scrapped that idea, went to the show and ended up going home at 8:30 so we could be in bed by 9.

On the topic of: blogs

There are a few blogs a follow that are for the most part “personal” blogs. And I do this because… these people are kind of hilarious. I mean, they’re posts are really amusing and I look forward to reading them even though they are strangers (yeah, does that make me creepy?). And once done I think to myself “Man, I wish I could write like that.”

You’d think it would be easy. You’d think if you can make people laugh in real life then writing a personal blog that is actually funny should be no problem at all. The problem is, it IS a problem. Not sure why but I don’t think my writing is ever that funny.

Then the thought occurred to me that maybe they aren’t actually personal blogs. Maybe they are humor blogs. They are TRYING to be funny and not writing about real things that happen to them!

I am Jack’s sudden realization to Zero The Ghostdog that “they’re trying to hit us!”

Who is to say that amusing story did/didn’t actually happen? Who would know?

So maybe that’s what I will do. Telling stories is about making something ordinary into something fantastical, right? So is blogging then.



Just wanted to post a quick update with some blogs I’ve found to be cool and interesting lately.

  • Moop : yeah, it’s a blog from a lady who makes bags. but I think it’s also a sort of personal blog and it’s just nice looking. so there, buy some stuff.
  • UrbanPhoto : I can’t remember how I stumbled on to it but I found this blog a few days ago and I’ve been looking through all the pictures. I haven’t gotten around to actually reading the blog but the pictures are enough for me at the moment. It’s like a little bit of tourism from my desk at work.
  • omg spoilerz, plz! : My friends Amy Racecar and The Floronic Man are avid comic book readers and have started a new blog to discuss comics, generally spilling spoilers any chance they get.
  • wallflour : is a new foodie blog that I came across via YELP. So far I just really like the design but I haven’t read many of the posts yet.
  • Daily Pep Talk From A Best Friend : I was perusing Tumblr the other day and came across this post. DPTFABF is a little make you feel good kinda thing. It’s nice to have those on the internet. Though, I just ran into a rather annoying interstitial ad unit that they have running which crashed my browser. I wish sites would realize that “any” advertising is not always “good” advertising.

I Used No Caps

and just to offset the last post, I’ll post this one which is dated March 8, 2005 @ 7:14 p.m.


it’s been one of those days…no, not one of those days but one of those days when i think “i guess the world doesn’t suck balls so much”

i mean i woke up, and that was kind of sucky because i have nice dreams.

then i went to school and had to take a test…but it was ok because i sat next to a boy with pretty eyes and we both knew nothing about anything.

in my finance class i actually knew what the fuck was going on even though i skipped out on class last thursday.

i met up with my advertsising group and schooled them on MP3 players, in a nice way. i like knowing shit.

some random guy stopped me in the subway/MUNI and asked me for my number.

then i get home and the roomates’ kitty loves me and i get an e-mail that makes me happy.

didn’t even have to use my A.K.