Turning 30 (aw, sh…)

I will be 30 next month. I am trying not to think about it.

Well, I’m trying not to think of it in the “Shit, I am going to be 30… why, god?! WHY?!” kind of way and instead the “How can I turn this into a reason to do ridiculous things that, under other circumstances, I would probably not do this year?” kind of way. After all, 30 is the new 20 (by the way, this statement does not sell me on 30).

At some point in my 20s I realized my 30th birthday would be on 01-30-13. Exciting, right?! So I wanted to do something special because this is never going to happen again. “I will have 30 days from the beginning of the year until the 30th birthday to do 30 things to celebrate the occasion!” I started making a list, I started mentally budgeting and decided that I should probably put away about $10k for all the things I want to do (one of the celebrations included renting a venue for a masquerade party).

On my current budget, I can afford a masquerade party at a public library. Seriously, I thought this would work.

Anyway, it’s the month before my birthday. I didn’t save up money. I didn’t book my trip to swim with beluga whales at either the Georgia Aquarim or Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. I don’t even know what I am doing on my actual birthday.

I kind of came to the conclusion that I failed at this “project” until Patrick suggested that I accomplish my task list throughout the year. Oh, right… brilliant! So I’m going to go ahead and share my list of things to accomplish next year. Hopefully, sharing this list will make me feel committed to this project and will carry it out throughout the year. This strategy worked well last year.

Problem is, I don’t think I even have 30 good “celebrations” yet.

1. Swim with a Beluga (or some kind of up close and personal experience)
2. Steampunk Party!
3. Get a scooter
4. Host a masquerade party
5. Learn how to sail
6. Disneyland!
7. Do laughing yoga
8. Learn how to drive manual
9. Indoor skydiving
10. Visit http://www.skyzonesports.com/ (caution: this site has auto play sound)
11. Have a Thanksgiving feast (not on Thanksgiving)
12. Kayak in Hawaii
13. Dim Sum Party!
14. Travel overseas (Hong Kong? Europe? Bali?)
15. Make and eat a pizza (being really ambitious here)
16. Get a goldfish!
17. Host a private screening of a movie in a theater (http://www.dickclarkproductionstheater.com/)
18. Screen an old movie (with a projector preferrably) and wear clothes from that era
19. Ride a train to a destination outside of L.A.
20. Visit a museum
21. Go on The Price is Right (kind of dreading this, actually)
22. Make a movie
23. Have a big Chinese family dinner gathering at parents’ house
24. Do a factory tour (of anything: donuts, tortillas, furniture, cars)
25. go to a farm or petting zoo (with goats and llamas or alpacas)
26. Celebrate at a barcade (Dave and Buster’s or other arcade/drinking/dining environment)
27. Learn CSS
28. Visit New Orleans
29. New tattoo in a new city
30. Go to Graceland

Tracy and John’s Wedding

It happened this weekend and it was pretty fun, despite the minor strss out I had about the photobooth guy not showing up during the time I was told he would be there.

But he showed, and fun was had:

I'm giving Patrick the uppercut

Once Upon A Weekend

Oct 2/3
Bridal Shower
Matt & Kim
Dim Sum

Oct 9/10
Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Brunch

Oct 16/17
Visit parents
Post zombiewalk party

Oct 23-25
Lake Tahoe trip

Oct 29-31
Halloween Party
Sneaky Nietzsche

Nov 6/7
Santa Cruz trip

Nov 13/14
Rehearsal Dinner
(a different wedding) Reception

Nov 20/21
San Francisco trip

Nov 25 – 28
Thanksgiving at parents’

One day I will once again have a weekend in which I have no plans

Interviewing for a partner (in crime)

I am so bored. Right now would be a great time to say, have boyfriend, or best friend, just someone to say “hey do you want to come over and do nothing?”

Or maybe we could even do SOMETHING! Endless are the possibilities.

In 30 minutes I’m heading off to my first hip-hop dance class.

Oh,  by the way, taking hip hop dance classes is my new bright idea.

My New Bright Idea #2: Hip-Hop Dance Class

We Are Living in a Social Network World

… and I am a social networking girl.

So I’m watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and it’s possibly the first good movie I’ve seen in a long time. I’m really enjoying it, you know? And the first thing I think is something like “Man, I need to tell someone I’m watching this great movie!” Not word for word but like I said, something like that. Anyway, I feel this immediate need to share this with someone. Voila, the effects of too much social networking (namely, Twitter).

It makes me wonder what I used to do when I watched a good movie, or read a great book. Did I feel the need to find someone to talk to about it? Did I feel the need to share?