Next Stop: Hong Kong

Patrick and I have booked our tickets to Hong Kong and we’re leaving at the end of the month. I’m trying to hold off my excitement since I’ve still got the rest of January to get through before I even start packing. We did watch a lot of travel shows yesterday though for planning purposes. You know, I’ve actually been there a few times but I honestly couldn’t give any tips about where to go and what to see because I haven’t been since I looked like this:

No time for love doctor Jones!
No time for love doctor Jones!

That was about 10 years ago. I pretty much look the same so that may not have been the best picture to use, but it WAS taken in Hong Kong!

Anyway, the travel shows we watched were half with Anthony Bourdain, and most of them mentioned the HK film industry, which was a bit weird. It’s not something that tourists could ever really participate in when going to the area so I’m not sure why they all seemed to have a segment featuring the host doing some type of martial arts and rigged flying stunts.

Really looking forward  to all the food, exploring the city without a guide, and seeing my aunt and uncle. WOO!


Travel Is In Your Future

Tomorrow morning I am leaving. how exciting. It’s been ummm 10 or 11 years since I’ve been in Hong Kong. My parents and relatives have me taking so much crap with me to my aunt and cousin. I’m taking lots of mail (addressed to my aunt) and presents and steaks. Yeah, as in meat.

I opened my most important presents last night, from my honey, Dnaiel. He bought me seasons 1-5 of FRIENDS on DVD!! I’ll be watching friends for the rest of my life! haha.

Right now, however, I am watching the appendices of Two Towers…a Christmas present I bought for myself. Such great shit!

Again, merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year!

Wanted to add: it doesn’t feel like Christmas because I haven’t watched any Christmas movies yet

Holiday Plans, Life Plans

Things are starting to pick up now. It seems like Thanksgiving is right around the corner, maybe because it is.

After that will be December and I will be visiting the S.F.

My aunt is buying a round trip ticket to Hong Kong for me during Christmas. I’m scheduled to leave on the 23rd and come back the 17th of January. This is to visit my cousin, Tracy. Me love Tracy. She’s one of the two family members I feel I can talk to about anything.

I might be in Hong Kong for Christmas. Then I will be moving hopefully right when I come back to L.A. and I will be relocating to San Francisco.

I don’t know what goes on from there, besides school I mean.

Maybe I’ll sleep inside my coat and
Wait on the porch ’til you come back home
Oh, right
I can’t find a flight
So I’ll check the weather wherever you are
‘Cause I wanna know if you can see the stars tonight

-John Mayer