It’s the most busiest time of the year!

May is so busy for me! I pretty much have things scheduled for every weekend.

This past weekend was Orange County brunch, a monthly brunch event in Seal Beach. Then there was Unique Los Angeles after that. On Sunday I had an impromptu trip to Disneyland for Bats Day. That was… interesting.

Each time I go to Disneyland I find less and less to do there. I think I’ve succumb to the jaded passholder mindset, which is that there are really only four fun rides and once you do that there isn’t much else to do. Which is somewhat true. If it’s your first time though, you have to do everything. I’ll still never understand how people can take a three or four day vacation at the Disneyland resort. There’s not enough things to do in that park to fill four days. Continue reading “It’s the most busiest time of the year!”

Sid and Pip’s Big Day Out

yesterday was…long.

but fun! I spent a shitload of cash (well technically it was electric monetary value since no actual cash was handled).

Started the day off like this:

8:30AM –   woke up late for my International Business final. Quick grooming to make sure I look as shitty as possible before I go to class and fail my test.

12:00PM – Hey, I wonder what Pip and Sid are doing…I’ll call and see.

12:30PM – Get on the M and get off at Powell to deposit a wad of cash from last night to my account (it’s not what you think. Although, if you’re thinking “You must have paid for dinner last night with your checkcard and are now depositing the money your friends gave you for their food” then I guess it is what you’re thinking.) Speed over to Walgreens to get film.

1:20PM – wait for the F which is slow as all hell because it’s a historical street car and runs slower than I walk. The fare machine is broken so everyone rides for free. This is a blessing and a curse because although I don’t have to hand over $1.25 I still have to wait while the driver explains the situation to senile tourists.

driver: “The machine is broken so just get on and you can ride for free.”

geezerette: “where do I put the money?”
geezer: “Just put the money in the machine.”
geezerette: “Oh but the machine is out of order”
geezer: “So where do we pay then?”
geezerette: “I don’t know, how do we pay you?”

GOOD LORD PEOPLE, PAY ATTENTION!!! get it? pay attention? heh.

1:40PM – meet Sid and Pip at the ticket thingie…guess what? the machine doesn’t recognize my card! Go to the ticket window…I bought tickets for TOMORROW! get the ticket validated for today’s boat. Some divine being likes me today! Did I mention we are going to Alcatraz?

2:30PM – walk around Alky, recreate some scenes from The Rock…I don’t really because I haven’t seen it in awhile…but I did say “Losers whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.” when talking about Alky the other day. BTW the “shower room” TOTALLY different from the one in the movie! booo.

4:15PM – Leave Alky. Decide to get FOOOOOD! We dock and dine at Bubba Gump. Pip, Sid, and I join forces and kick ass at Forrest Gump trivia, did you expect anything less?

7:40PM – Get back to the San Remo to use the potty. I passed up a piggy lighter because I didn’t have the cash…you people know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. I did however buy a Legolas bookmark. I haven’t paid for a bookmark since fourth grade but this one had Orly and a One Ring on the end of it’s tassel.

8:30PM – Take Sidular to the Apple Store. We ran amuck looking at Porm Pics untill they closed at 9.

9:25PM – Arrived at the Castro theater for the original, uncut, uncensored (as if there was anything to censor) GODZILLA!!! I laughed, I cried, I didn’t really cry. NOT THE OXYGEN DESTROYER!!!! AHH! DR. SIZAWA!!

11something – parted ways and went home…

Party Hard

I’m on my way to the sick tank.

I have a sore throat. I think it’s because of the three or four nights in a row that I spent out last weekend. I’m a party lightweight and I need to recuperate. Which really sucks because the Dave is going to be shipping out soon and I wanted to party with the SGSF crew tonight.

I’m tired as hell though, which is why I’m going to sleep now.

Censored For Your Protection

It’s hard to separate internet life from real life when you introduce your friends to your internet life.

You can no longer write anything personal without having questions to answer in person…and you can no longer write about your real feelings without possibly hurting someone else’s.

I think my journal entries used to be a lot more interesting…for the first coupla weeks anyway. Then I had hell to pay for some stuff I had written so now I have to be careful and I hate it.

bullocks to this, man.