Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew’s “Spirit If…”

broken social scene


Saw Broken Social Scene present Kevin Drew’s Spirit If… last night. Which really means I saw Broken Social Scene play last night. I would say half the set was Spirit If and half was BSS stuff. Even though only about half the members of BSS were present, with members of other bands filling in for some people, it was still fucking amazing. You think Broken Social Scene is good recorded? It’s nothing like when they played last night. Well I mean, it’s about 70% as good as last night. Holy hell, they sounded BEAUtiful. They had this ethereal quality to them throughout and then the BSS songs just fucking rocked. Not to mention the theater was spectacular.

the orpheum


Here are more pictures from the show.


I’m going to upload more when I get home. I also have some video of Emily Haines singing Anthems for a 17-year-old girl with them. Not sure if that will upload though because it’s about two or three minutes and the file is probably too big.

Anyway, it would have been great if I didn’t get a headache in the middle of it and then continue to shake my head around dancing. Kevin Drew’s singing piercing into my skull didn’t help the pain. It was well worth it though.

I Love Rock n Roll

… so put another dime in the show machine, baby. Or something.

New shows coming up:

10/9: Bat for Lashes @ The Troubadour (might go see this, maybe not, still trying to decide)

10/10: Beirut @ The Avalon

10/23: Man Man @ The Troubadour

10/28: Final Fantasy @The Troubadour (haven’t gotten tickets yet, still on the fence)


New Pornographers

Lavender Diamond (2nd time this year)

Arcade Fire (2nd time this year)

LCD Soundsystem

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Imma go see Har Mar Supastar and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs tonite!

I only have two hours before I need to be at Joanie’s house. I bettah go git ready.

I was spelling badly on purpose.

UPDATE~ the morning after:

I look “to’ up” or is it toe up? I always thought it was the ghetto version of “tore” which would translate into “to'”.

I went to the offical afterparty where Nick was DJing, thanks to my inside hook-up connection. I met him and mentally humped him and he signed my poster. He did interviews for the new SG magazine. He said he liked my SG sweatshirt…yeah, that’s right.

ok now I need to shower.

Halloween Recap

Dude, I had a great halloweenie. Well it didn’t start out spectacular or anything but it got better as the night progressed. First, we went to see Queens of the Stone Age at the Greek.
Daniel and I started driving to LA. We were late. It started raining. We didn’t have any tickets and were hoping not to get ripped off too much by scalpers. It was damn cold but it was ok ’cause I was wearing multiple layers and planned to change into my costume in the car on the way to the party after the show.

We got there and it was pouring by then. The show started at 7. When we parked it was already 8:50. We parked at the bottom of the hill and trekked up the mountain to Griffith Park… in the rain… with one umbrella… for two people, and it wasn’t made for two. We were already pretty wet by the time we made it to the box office.

At the box office we got lucky. Fourth row seats, center, meaning right up front.  At regular price, no Ticketasster fees, no extra charges. We got in, still raining, we made it just at intermission before QOTSA started. We had missed The Cramps and Tomahawk.

Stood at our seats and then the band came out. Bliss. Then some idiot guy tells us to get out of his seats, of course we argued with him for ten long minutes until an usher finally came and directed him to the seats next to us. I hate that shit. Before you go off on someone, why don’t you make sure you know what the fuck you’re talking about first.

After one of the songs they released what I thought was confetti, but when I picked some up off the wet floor (as mementos) they were red rose petals. Isn’t that awsome?!

Short break. I’m soaked, dripping even. I think the only layer that wasn’t wet was my corset (later I found out that it was indeed wet but I guess I must not have felt it because I was so numb). I seriously felt like dying. I really couldn’t keep my mind off the walk back down the hill in the rain while cars drive by us spalshing us with street water. Even in spite of all this I still had an excellent time. Just imagine how great the show would have been if I hadn’t been cold and wet.

Josh Homme was dressed as a sailor and he sure does like to shake that ass and “show you what he’s working with.” I don’t find him to be very attractive but he was hot that night, maybe it was becasue he was actually hot and sweaty.

Luckily we finally found our friends after the show and instead of sloshing back down the hill we got a ride YAY!

and it had stopped raining! yayyy!

and I got to dry off and put on my costume! YAY!

and then I made Daniel drive YAY!

then we went to the SGLA costume party and it was all good but we had to leave and were home by 1:30.

fun times.

“It doesn’t take a nucular scientist to figure out that it’s foilage”~Marge Simpson

Inland Invasion + Shag Signing Recap

I went to KROQ’s Inland Invasion yesterday and I was supposed to be going with SGLA but my plans got messes up.

I woke up at 6:30 yesterday because Shag was going to be signing merchandise at Disneyland that he designed in commemoration of The Enchanted Tiki Room’s 40th anniversary. I figured it would be good to get there early. SHAG was to arrive at 10 a.m. and the park opened at 8, so I’m thinking we get there right when the park opens and we’ll be the first ones in line. Of course, we are late.  We get there at 8:30 and there are already at least 250+ people in line… great.

Keep in mind that somewhere between 11 and 12 Daniel and I are supposed to be heading over to Portfolio in the Long Beach to meet up with the kids from SGLA who are heading to the concert.

So for some unknown reason they are taking FOREVER to ring people up with their merchandise. This is all before 10 so SHAG isn’t even there to sign anything yet. This is the SLOWEST line to ever grace the planet. It took 6 hours to finally get inside the store, pay for my stuff and meet SHAG again. What did he say about my tattoo? “Neat,” just as I thought. Luckily I wasn’t as disappointed as I had imagined I would be. Maybe it was because I was so pissed that I waited for 6 hours and totally flaked out on my friends in SGLA who were waiting for me and Daniel to get to Inland Invasion.

Luckily SHAG agreed to stay until 3 to sign merchandise of leaving at 1 which was what had been scheduled. I didn’t get to buy the purse that I had been so excited about. I was actually going to get to own a SHAG purse but noooo, people bought two each and now they are selling them on eBay for $70+ (original price: $37) same with the limited edition mugs and serigraphs. Jerks!

Finally we leave Disneyland and make out way into the boondocks that is the Inland Empire. How can people live there? I step out of the car to get some money from the gas station and this uncomfortably hot breeze rises from the dirt on the ground and sweeps over my body… gross.

So we get into THEE Worst Venure Ever (a.k.a. The Glen Helen Hyndai Pavilion), and Interpol is playing. I wanted to see them. We’ve already missed Berlin, Bow Wow Wow, Drama Rama, General Public and Fountains of Wayne. Well, we also missed Dashboard Confessional but I coudn’t care less about that. People are hot and sticky, I have a huge plastic totebag with pointy corners (not good for walking though crowds), and we can’t find the rest of the SGLA crew because my phone doesn’t get very good reception in the boonies. But we do see Daniel’s cousin, et al. so we hang out with them.

So, “lawn seating” is possibly one of the worst concepts ever contrived. I hate lawn seating. The only thing good about it is that you can dance without falling over chairs, other than that you are sitting on a blanket on top of damp grass among empty cups and plates with some food still on them that bees and flys are buzzing around while trying to look around the people standing in front of you to see the screen because you are too far away from the stage to even see the performers. Oh, this is just a few of the reasons why I will not be attending another event at the Glen Helen Hyndai Pavillion… unless it is the demolition of the venue.

Oh, and another thing, I was watching The Cure play and for some reason unbeknown to me this guy stands five inches behind me. Now at this point of the night a lot of people had gone home and there were a lot of open spaces on the lawn where this guy could stand. For example, I had a HUGE space in front of me because I wanted room to dance and to let Billy the Drunk (aka Billy the Dancing Machine) go crazy with his funky moves. Right, so Robert Smith & Co. start playing “Just Like Heaven” and I’m dancing and I keep hitting the guy. Wouldn’t you take this as a hint to take a step back? I certainly would!

Unfortunately, he just stands there. So I try to fix the problem by moving forward more, and the idiot follows me! He actually moves up! So this goes on for another 20 minutes before Daniel and I switch spaces and Daniel stands a two feet behind me as a buffer. Finally the asshole and his friend go up closer and stand two inches behind someone else. Thank you, Baby Jesus!
Just so I don’t sound like Captain Complain McWhiney I’ll tell you some things I did enjoy yesterday.

  • I enjoyed seeing SHAG again…I enjoyed getting my mini print signed and asking him about tattoo flashes.
  • I enjoyed listening to some of Interpol’s set.
  • I enjoyed accidently socking Daniel in the nose. I did not enjoy him getting mad at me for it. Sorry!
  • I enjoyed meeting Shalome and finally finding the SGLA gang.
  • I enjoyed Duran Duran’s set.
  • I enjoyed getting closer to the stage so I could actually SEE the stage but still just stared at the screens the whole time.
  • I enjoyed dancing and singing my head off to Hot Hot Heat’s Set.
  • I enjoyed getting a Hot Hot Heat shirt, even though it’s kinda small. Well, maybe I’ll shrink into it.
  • I enjoyed The Cure’s set, especially when they played “Pictures of You” and “Boys Don’t Cry”
  • I enjoyed the three encores that The Cure played.
  • I enjoyed telling people about how I had been up since 6:30 and how I had waited in a line for 6 hours
  • I enjoyed finally getting to take my contacts and makeup off. I think I need to buy new make-up that doesn’t make me want to scratch my face off after 10+ hours.

That’s plenty for now.